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Common Issues:

1. Pads contaminated:

If your disc brakes are making noise, it’s likely due to contaminated brake pads. Contamination can occur if you ride through oil on the roads, if dirt or sand gets on the discs, or if degreaser or lubricant accidentally comes into contact with the pads.

Identifying contamination

You’ll notice your pads are contaminated when you hear a squealing noise and experience reduced braking power when coming to a stop.

Preventive tip: To avoid contamination, cover the disc and rotor when cleaning your bike, ensuring no dirt falls onto the disc. This also applies when spraying degreaser on the chain. Make sure to do this in a way that avoids any contact with the rotor.

How to solve this issue

The simplest solution is to thoroughly clean the disc rotor and brake caliper. Prolonged use with contaminated discs can damage the pads, leading to the need for replacement. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your discs clean.

Cleaning tips

  • Use specific disc brake cleaner or isopropyl alcohol for cleaning disc brakes.
  • Alternatively, consider using a chain-cleaning device to minimize the risk of pad contamination.

Extra Tip! – How to apply chain degreaser correctly: If the wind isn’t blowing in the rotor’s direction, spray degreaser on the chain as it meets the crankset underneath the driveside chainstay. This is the furthest point away from the disc brake system.

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